Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about rental opportunities?

Units are individually owned and managed. We are currently working on a bulletin board for the website. Otherwise there is no central place to find rentals. For now, we recommend searching

When is the pool open?

The spa is now open year round and the pool will generally be heated April 1 through November 1 of each year. Pool hours of 7am to 10pm are enforced to insure quiet time for surrounding homeowners. No exceptions. The pool area is open to a maximum of eight people from any single unit.

How do I report a noise disturbance or parking violation?

Please report violations to your property manager at Shoreline Property Management 831-426-8013. More serious noise violations or crimes in progress should be reported to Santa Cruz Police Department at 911 from any home or cell phone.

Where can I park?

According to the CC&R's all owners and tenants must use their garage for the primary purpose of parking. When filled, they may park in the driveway, not to exceed or overhang onto the asphalt driveway, that serves as a fire lane. Six inclusionary units without garages may park in the "Guest and Resident" public parking area's. Residents or guests may not exceed 72 hours parked in remaining guest spaces with conditions met above.

You may not park in the fire lane except for loading and unloading. If you are loading, then turn on your hazard lights.

What alterations do i need to get approval for?

Any alteration or modification of structure, interior flooring, windows, walls, ceiling and electrical or plumbing requires a completed Architectural Permit with Board of Director approval. This is for your protection and that of adjoining home owners. Often, the Board may be aware of state laws or other approved modifications by home owners to your benefit. The Board also maintains an original file of building plans for all units that may be available for loan. Non approved violations may require removal, modification and fines from the City of Santa Cruz. In most cases a building permit or other permit is required by the City for modifications with an approved architectural permit. There is no cost for the Association permit. When in doubt contact your property manager.

What's repairs are covered by the HOA and what are not?

Most all exterior repairs and maintenance are covered by the home owner's Association. All interior walled plumbing and electrical, doors and garage doors are responsibility of the home owner. Examples of an exception would be a guest or owner accidentally damaging the exterior support column outside the garage by parking too close or a broken water pipe from the meter.

Attics, decks and interior garage floor space are community property for the exclusive use of the home owner. The Association covers termite inspections and eradication of decks and attic space along with chimney sweeps on occasion. Any water intrusion into a unit should be reported promptly to your property manager for initial investigation.

How many Household pets can I have?

10.6 (a) of the CC&R's limits pets, such as a dog or cat, to one per household. But you can have as many goldfish as you wish!